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Life-saving! It clearly shows how a coffee enema, a cottage cheese and flaxseed oil mixture, etc...
Fabulous!!!! Easy to read, well organized, full of beneficial information...

High risk Glioma Brain Tumor: Symptoms disappeared following natural diet and supplements


Firstly, I want to thank URSULA for all her support and attention provided to us, you're an enlightened person by GOD!!

My grandmother (65) was diagnosed with a brain tumor (high risk Glioma), 30 days ago, which already even broke the blood brain barrier, so as soon as we got the diagnosis I ran after information on the internet about the aggressiveness of the tumor and discovered that it was actually an aggressive cancer and survival rates reaches a maximum of two years after the diagnosis because of the difficulty of removing the tumor, since it is such a delicate organ!

In this search for information I found her site and read everything I could in order to not do anything rushed, after this tiring reading I went up to my grandmother’s house and I presented everything that I had researched, specially the treatments presented on the site. Right away she agreed to submit to the use of supplements and a change in eating habits, so I then ran and ordered the book and dvd and the complete POLY-MVA protocol, and a few more other supplements they recommend.

Today it has been exactly 18 days that she is using the supplements and following the Budwig diet, oddly enough she's not feeling any of the symptoms that she used to feel. Before starting the treatment she was very forgetful, could not walk anymore, unless she was holding the walls and the furniture of the house, she felt her head was swollen and had a very burned out appearance, but now all these symptoms simply disappeared.

This treatment is a real powerful weapon against cancer, I do not have words to thank what you have done for my family, THANK YOU, I'm sure I'll soon be posting a total healing story of my grandmother!!! STAY WITH GOD!!

Guilherme C., October 5th, 2012


From BudwigDVDs: They are following the modified Budwig diet and the complete Poly-MVA protocol (ideal for brain tumors) along with other supplements compatible with the diet.



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