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CoQ10 and Cancer Treatment


More recent clinical studies on the beneficial effects of coenzyme Q10 for cancer patientshave not only documented clinical improvements, but also have identified probable mechanisms by which CoQ10 may help slow tumor growth. Some of these mechanisms include immune augmentation, suppression of vascular endothelial growth factor (that facilitates tumor angiogenesis), and reduction of inflammatory markers that may facilitate cancer cell propagation.

Melanoma and breast cancer are two types of malignancies for which CoQ10 has demonstrated substantial clinical benefit.1,2 Regrettably, the media and cancer establishment have ignored these promising discoveries that could save many lives.

For example, a recent melanoma study compared the effects of administering alpha interferon with or without daily CoQ10 (400 mg). There was an astounding 10-fold lower risk of metastasis in the CoQ10-supplemented group! This effect was even more pronounced for those with more advanced melanoma, where CoQ10-supplemented patients were 13 times less likely to develop metastasis. Alpha interferon is an immune boosting drug that can induce side effects so severe that patients have to discontinue it. In this study,2 only 22% of CoQ10-supplemented patients developed side effects compared to 82% not taking supplemental CoQ10.


Read full article at: http://www.lef.org


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