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Life-saving! It clearly shows how a coffee enema, a cottage cheese and flaxseed oil mixture, etc...
Fabulous!!!! Easy to read, well organized, full of beneficial information...

Budwig Diet Healing Stories


Do You or a Loved One Have a Healing Story?

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(from Beverly Noland, Dec 18 2019) Non-Hodgkins Healing with the Budwig Diet

I have been using the Budwig protocol for over 3 years. I am monitored by a hematologist/oncologist about every 3-4 months. I have made progress and no side affects. My blood tests have shown great progress. My hematologist/oncologist is pleasantly surprised and encourages me to continue as this is definitely working for me NO chemicals (poisons) for me.

I was diagnosed by a general practitioner MD and rushed to an oncologist who said non-hodgkins and I should come back in 3 weeks! I thought "how bad can it be to wait 3 weeks?" I met with a holistic doctor and learned a lot. Did a 6 week special diet with supplements to strengthen my immune system. Internet research taught me about cane and beet sugar which I dropped that day 100% and never looked back!

Changed my diet when I found Budwig during the first couple of months.  Bought her book and lost about 40 pounds over the next 3 months. I am now within what is considered my best weight. The oncologist who had told me Non-hodgkins changed it to CLL and told me, without his "cure," I would soon die a painful death! I held steady and said no, was counseled about death and decided to get out of his negative office.

Went Budwig full speed. About the time I should have been dead, my liver, spleen and lymph nodes were no longer swollen. In Jan - about 10 months after diagnosis, I met a wonderful hematologist/oncologist at St Thomas Hospital in Nashville, TN.  He looked at all my records and was curious and amazed. He encourages me to continue what ever I am doing as it is working for me. Most of my blood work shows close to normal except for platelets. They started at 3000 and have gotten as high as 23,000 but usually stay around 12-15,000. I feel fine and, when I stay strictly to Budwig, I do not even bruise! I feel pretty normal. I do take a bunch of supplements: D3, milk thistle, dandelion root, magnesium, B 17, iron, turmeric and a few others.  If it works - who am I to complain? Chemicals might be best option for some but NOT for me or the CLL.

From Margaret Kopec: Same here, almost two years on Budwig diet, great progress. read more

(from Dr. Gene, Jan 2018) We surprised the oncologist with good results! This was a very difficult case of: Gastric Adenocarcinoma - stage IV, with Metastases in the Liver, Lungs, and Thyroid (and brain as we found out later)

— This patient's oncologists gave him no chance for success , and gave him 1 month to live (up to 3 months with palliative treatment.) But this prediction was for conventional treatment only. With an "aggressive integrative treatment" (conventional + natural complementary medicine)... the possibilities change.

Email Excerpt: The oncologist was quick to point out that at this stage of such advanced disease, there is no chance of success or cure. Even in the first consultation after the diagnosis, both the oncologist as the gastrointestinal physician gave my father 1 month of life.

My father has a stage 4 very advanced and extremely aggressive cancer, where metastasis had taken almost all of the liver and parts of both lungs, that the oncologist said would be practically impossible to reverse. They did not even advise chemo because it would weaken him more. [We were told]… not to limit him to any diets, not to keep our hopes up, and that it was prudent that we prepare, since he would not be alive for more than a month. The decision would be up to the family… but my father wanted to start chemo, so we did. We started the sessions in early June along with integrative treatment (two weeks after the start of chemotherapy).

— Their oncologist felt it wasn't worth it for them to do any treatment (nor any dietary changes) BUT, they decided they wanted to fight the cancer in every way possible... So we started them on an "Aggressive Integrative Program.” At first, he could not eat solid food [due to the cancer blocking the stomach]. After the 3rd month of the program, he was able to eat normally.

Email Excerpt: My father for 3 months fed on liquids, all liquified soups, including the Anticancer Muesli of cottage cheese and linseed oil, we had to include water or coconut water to be viable to ingest it. Now, for about a month or so, he's eating better. He is eating solid foods, soups, rice and beans (at lunch) with vegetables, the meat has been removed from the menu since the beginning of the treatment, does not eat any kind of sweets, sweetened juices, everything has been removed. Juices only of organic fruit and without sugar, we offer pineapple juice with mint, beet with orange lime, carrot with lime orange, papaya with lime orange.

After 4 months of Integrative Treatment (oncologist's treatment, Budwig Diet, supplement program) all of his tumors shrunk by about 30%. And based on his oncologist's reaction, this would not have likely happened with conventional medicine alone. The oncologist revised her prognosis based on the unexpected results she was seeing. She changed her prognosis from 3 month survival…to an ADDITIONAL 6-12 months (remember this is already 4 months into treatment… so already 1 month beyond her initial expectation of his survival.)

Email Excerpt: Now with the evolution of treatment, she is indicating 6 months to 1 year of life expectancy for my father… The estimate of 6-12 months was based on the blood tests before the result of the tomography Sept 4th. Where the blood test results had returned to the standard, including the liver enzyme test, which at the beginning of June were very high and by the end of August had returned to normal. The oncologist was very impressed with the results of these tests and said that expectations had risen as the treatment was giving positive results.

— This particular oncologist refused to acknowledge the "natural  complementary,  anti-cancer strategies" that the family was using… even though the result were beyond her understanding. 

Email Excerpt: As for the result of the CT scan, she gave no estimate of life this time, said that she was very happy with the result of the CT scan, which in her entire career as an oncologist, she had never seen a test result as satisfactory as that of my father, mainly in a short time. That this was the first time, and she needs to talk to colleagues to understand how treatment with a single chemotherapeutic drug may have given as much result and as quickly in an aggressive and advanced cancer as my father's case. She joked and said that this should be a case for a clinical study.

From Dr. Gene: We and the family are still working hard to help this patient. But this story shows you that you can "supersede your oncologist's expectations" with an "aggressive integrative approach." Don't let anyone tell you that "you have no chance for success."

(via email, Nov 2017) My wife's skin looks wonderful since using the Eldi Oil… amazing in fact!

I started using the Eldi Oil on my wife. We are more than amazed to realize/see that her dry scaly skin is now soft AND more amazing as the oil has apparently absorbed into her body, and it "moisturizes" all of her skin, even where I haven't rubbed the oil; and I'm still on our first 475 ml bottle! see store here

ELDI Oil Therapy: Body Massage

What we do: While she is laying on her side, I rub the Eldi Oil on her back, shoulder area, buttocks and back of her legs. Within a week or so the dry skin looks wonderful, smooth and soft! No dryness on any part of her body… and I only rubbed the Eldi Oil on the backside! I can only assume the Eldi Oil is being absorbed by the skin and moving into cells on the entire body. Pretty incredible.

Would the enemas also help? Please tell me more.  Do you have knowledge of the oil benefitting Multiple Sclerosis patients in other ways? (...) I am very impressed at how my wife's skin looks now.  So now I'm wondering if the Eldi Oil enemas would help make her strong enough, to start exercises that might help her stand long enough, to transfer from a chair to her electric scooter, and to sleep in our king size bed (strong enough so she is no longer bedridden).

About my wife: My wife is 68 yrs old and has had MS, Multiple Sclerosis for 39 1/2 years. Bedridden almost 7 years now,  unable to walk or stand, confined to the hospital bed in our living room. Sincerely, GF

BudwigDVDs.com: So glad to hear that the ELDI Oils are helping your wife. Yes, it’s likely that the ELDI Oils are "replenishing" the fats in her body overall. They can be beneficial overall, just not any particular case, so definitely feel free to update us about her progress. I consulted with Dr. Gene and he also suggested trying a higher dose vitamin D, probiotics, Lion’s mane mushroom, checking to her diet to see if she has any food intolerance, and making sure that her diet is very nutrient dense. :)

(from Aedie Liew‎, January 17, 2017, London, United Kingdom) Cancer in remission

Hi, My partner's course of radiotherapy ended early Oct 2016. The MRI scan came back and he is in remission! Best news ever. I have been giving him FOCC since Sept.... and lots of other natural supplements too.

I'm still going to give him the FOCC diet but shall I lower it to maintainence dose and if I can, how much shall I give him? Also, we will be going back to Singapore for a 5 weeks visit. just found out there's no cottage cheese available.. what other substitutes can I use? Thank u Budwig Diet

From BudwigDVDs.com: You can replace the cottage cheese by vegan yogurts and mix it with flax oil.

(via facebook, June 2016) Sharing Desiree's questions...

I just bought the Barleans Flaxoil but I got the kind with Lignan in it. Do I need to return it? And on the budwig diet, cancertutor.com, it says the Budwig Muesli should be a stand alone meal. Should you eat this on an empty stomach? How long after it can you eat something else so as not to interfere with it?

facebook.com/BudwigDiet: Dear Desiree, I understand how it's difficult and confusing. Barleans Oils are high quality and highly recommended. Yes, it's easier to have the filtered oil. Mix the cheese/yogurt and oil into a smooth cream. The oil you got is ok for eating and digestion, just NOT for an enema.

Fun times!! :) my husband for his clean bill of health last week. No more cancer! But we still want to continue the diet. Do you know if it has to be eaten on an empty stomach? If so, what exactly does that mean? We started the budwig diet a few weeks before his surgery so it wasn't his cure but it can help keep it away. Surgery got it all praise God. I just want to make sure we eat it right :)

facebook.com/BudwigDiet: Yes, you don't have to eat the Budwig Muesli on an empty stomach, but it will absorb faster if you do. If you choose to do this, you can wait about 25 min to eat again.


(via facebook, Jan 27, 2015)

I wish to share this: Oct 14 my 80 y/o Mother was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer that had metastasized in multiple areas including lymph nodes and the iliac crest. They estimated she may have 2-3 months. They also felt Chemo would be ill advised due to her advanced state. Additionally, they suggested we make arrangements for Hospice and "in-home" care. She was sent home prescribed with various pain pills and 24 hour oxygen at 5 liters.

Our follow up visit with oncologist and review of X-rays TODAY revealed an almost indiscernible mass in the lung, calcification/bone growth in the iliac crest, no anomalies in lymph nodes. They have now made a follow-up visit for April 28.

She quit taking the pain meds on Dec 27 and has had no need for the "mechanical oxygen" for three weeks now.

We both attribute a lot of this improvement to the Budwig Protocol. The prayers, good vibes and thoughts of friends and family has also been a great help.

We can speak of only good things regarding the Budwig Protocol. It would have been grand to begin the treatment at the center but I believe we have benefited greatly from the practices.

facebook.com/BudwigDiet: hi Phillip, also I talked to Dr. Gene, he advised to stay in the oxygen therapy if possible, it's something that he offers as well and advises to all his patients. He advises 2 hours a day, every other day. At 92% +/- oxygen from electrical concentrator machine, as 100% oxygen from a tank is too pure.

(via email, Feb 2014)

John Batista A., Brain tumor patient, surgery in January 2013. After about 15 days hospitalized my brother was no longer able to walk, only spoke a few words with difficulty, could not handle eating food anymore, felt dizziness and nausea, and rarely recognized people, even if family. (...) I started following the protocol and give him the supplements at the hospital.

(...) We continued to give him the supplements and little by little we started to see the improvements happen. He was discharged from the hospital later already walking, still with the someone's help for support, talking normally and feeding himself.

February 2nd, 2014: We received wonderful news. John gained new life and now for the first time ever he is already driving, and super happy! He's getting better daily. We made a video and posted it on facebook. I'm waiting for the results of a new MRI. Once out I will send you the results. Hugs and Very Grateful! Dirce (John's sister)

February 15th, 2014: "Thanks so much to everyone at CAIMed, my brother is doing really well now. With the Grace of God, who gave us direction, and showed us your site, we were guided to this miracle."

BEFORE (January 2013) and AFTER (February 2nd, 2014)



From BudwigDVDs: John followed the Budwig Diet along with Poly-MVA. We ship Poly-MVA worldwide. He was guided by Dr. Gene, who provides online consultations to cancer patients, www.caimedicine.com/anti-cancer-program.html

(via facebook, Feb 1st 2014)

Just discovered the Budwig protocol last week. Can't believe it's taken me this long to find this information. Thank you so much for getting the word out. Purchased your book and video and am already sharing this news with family and friends. Thank you so much for putting the information in such an easy-to-read/absorb manner. These materials will be my constant companion from now on. I'm fully on board and will join you in sharing this good news. (...)

Thanks again and keep up the good work.

Scott M.


Healing from Hodgkin Lymphoma

Dear Ursula, I'm writing to thank you for all the attention and affection... In November 2011 we acquired the Budwig natural protocol book. It is simply WONDERFUL. At the time the person was totally healed of a Hodgkin Lymphoma, and since the healing I have referred the book to many people and God has blessed them so much by healing many of them as well! (...)

THANK YOU and may GOD continue to bless you all.

Rosani, Jan 21st, 2014


(Tumor of the Palate) The Natural Healing of my Mother...

Dear Ursula,

I'm here to say thank you for your support and to finally confirm the healing of my mother, first by the work of God, along with the diet and supplements. The tumor in the palate is now fully cured (as confirmed by her latest MRI tests). My mother began treatment in March 2012, and since then she began on the natural supplements.The sore palate began to be dissolved in August of the same year.

Here is the funny story. The MRI found that it was surgically removed, but we are all witnesses that the only treatment was faith in God and the use of diet and natural supplements, since because at her age (86 years), she was actually unable to undergo surgery and refused to be treated by chemo and radio. The reason I’m only now emailing you this healing testimonial is that the new MRI was complete only a short time ago, because she did not care for physicians. I’ll be sending the first and last exams to you so you can see the truthfulness of her healing.

It's a wonderful thing that should be shared with all human beings, really fantastic! Since her healing now, the only thing we have been doing is sharing her story to all who need and are desperate about their healing, I believe that’s the best way of saying thanks. Thank you, a thousand thanks.

Doroti, Curitiba, Brazil, November 2013
[translated from Portuguese to English]

From BudwigDVDs: Doroti's mom followed the Budwig Diet, natural juices, vegetables, low sugar fruits, eggs, and also supplemented with Carnivora and Omega 3 oil caps. She was guided by Dr. Gene, who provides online consultations to cancer patients, www.caimedicine.com/anti-cancer-program.html

Cancer growth has been controlled

Good morning Ursula and Dr. Gene,

I have great news, my mother did further tests and showed that her tumor has not grown. It is the same size as when it was discovered, and it has already been 4 months.

Thank you, Elizabeth, October 8th, 2012, China

[Dec 2012 update] I would like to thank you for your attention all these months, my mom has been following the diet and supplements for all these months and she is feeling very well. I'm very thankful for the results and asked a friend to promote your work on facebook.

From BudwigDVDs: She is following the modified Budwig Diet explained in the book and a combination of compatible supplements, including Poly-MVA. The cancer which was growing is now being controlled.

Tumor reduced 60%

Hello Ursula!

My father did cancer imaging tests this week (...) up till now the tumor has already reduced 60%. In the blood test however, the marker, which had reduced 92% had an increase last month back to 88%. But he still has quality of life and this is very important. Thank you very much.

Elen, October 7th, 2012

From BudwigDVDs: He is following the modified Budwig Diet (lower carbs and sugar) along with various nutritional supplements, and Poly-MVA.

High risk Glioma Brain Tumor: Symptoms disappeared following natural protocol

Firstly, I want to thank URSULA for all her support and attention provided to us, you're an enlightened person by GOD!!

My grandmother (65) was diagnosed with a brain tumor (high risk Glioma), 30 days ago, which already even broke the blood brain barrier, so as soon as we got the diagnosis I ran after information on the internet about the aggressiveness of the tumor and discovered that it was actually an aggressive cancer and survival rates reaches a maximum of two years after the diagnosis because of the difficulty of removing the tumor, since it is such a delicate organ!

In this search for information I found her site and read everything I could in order to not do anything rushed, after this tiring reading I went up to my grandmother’s house and I presented everything that I had researched, specially the treatments presented on the site. Right away she agreed to submit to the use of supplements and a change in eating habits, so I then ran and ordered the book and dvd and the complete POLY-MVA protocol, and a few more other supplements they recommend.

Today it has been exactly 18 days that she is using the supplements and following the Budwig diet, oddly enough she's not feeling any of the symptoms that she used to feel. Before starting the treatment she was very forgetful, could not walk anymore, unless she was holding the walls and the furniture of the house, she felt her head was swollen and had a very burned out appearance, but now all these symptoms simply disappeared.

This treatment is a real powerful weapon against cancer, I do not have words to thank what you have done for my family, THANK YOU, I'm sure I'll soon be posting a total healing story of my grandmother!!! STAY WITH GOD!!

Guilherme C., October 5th, 2012, Brazil

From BudwigDVDs: They are following the modified Budwig diet and the complete Poly-MVA protocol (ideal for brain tumors) along with other supplements compatible with the diet.

I am very happy and relieved that my husband have found this site. I was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer with axillary involvement. I want to thank Ursula Escher and everyone who helped in the making of this site. The work is beautiful and gives us much hope. Thankfully, Lana

Lana, Apr 30, 2011


Very informative and clarifying. A great plus for anyone either planning to use the Budwig diet or has been using it.

Jetero, Apr 30, 2011, USA


Am studying about Dr. Budwig's Oil/Protein Diet. I work with brigh children who are struggling with dyslexia, ADD, and other learning glitches. As a Special Education teacher and Certified Natural Health Professional, I have see then wonderfu results of increasing the Omega 3s in the diets of my clients. Am very interested in adding Dr. Budwig's flaxseed/protein combination protocol to my information.

Diane Craft (dianecraft.org), Jan 29, 2011, Littleton, CO, USA


I'm doing the Oil-Protein Diet and I feel better everyday. Before I had neck pain, difficulty swallowing and I cried thinking I would die. I felt sleepy, had no energy, didn't live and vegetate with so many migraines. Today I can say I'm another person. I've been on the diet only 1 month now but I don't intend to ever stop it.

Silene, Dec 16, 2010, Brazil


Excellent DVD on Budwig's Protocol

Dear Ms. Ursula,

I have received your excellent DVD on Budwig's Protocol. Thanks a million times. It is a great work. It is the First available DVD on this Protocol. It is simple, complete, easy to follow, technically perfect, short and precise yet covers everything. Animations are natural, smooth and flow with the theme & tempo of the subject. Illustrations, scaches, pictures and movie clips are simple, complete and easy. Even audio is clear and crisp. I congratulate you for your great work.

Thanks, Dr. O. P. Verma, November 2011, from India

My daughter Aishvarya & son-in-law Samit are Sr Software Engineers working & living in Bangalore, India. Nearly 2 yrs ago the vision of one of his eyes started to decline fast, and after 3-4 months the other eye as well. We consulted the best cornea specialists in India, US & Hongkong. Nobody could help. He was hardly able to count fingers from closely. After 6-8 months he agreed to try Budwig’s Diet and the results were mind blowing. Now he is able to read big letters, distinguish colors, etc.

Dr. Verma, Dec 16, 2010, India


Thank You for using your gifts to inform others. May you be greatly rewarded for your efforts. The real joy for all of us is knowing someone cares. Blessings.

Paul R., Dec 15, 2010


Thank you for sending the DVD "A Day in the Budwig Diet".

Dear Ursula, I played the DVD during my lecture on Budwig and my students are very impressed with the content as am I myself.

I am taking order for the DVD to pass onto my students. Do you offer discount prices on multiple copies? A great DVD and it helps my lecture tremendously.

yours sincerely, D. Wyett from Australia, March 12 2012

From BudwigDVDs: We offer wholesale discounts. Please visit:

I've been reading Dr. Budwig's book for a long time. This DVD is by far the clearest and easiest to follow explanation of her protocol. Her books have great info, but if you want to learn how to actually do her protocol - this DVD is it. (from Amazon.com)

Director's Note: Dr. Budwig's books for the most part were not written by Dr. Budwig. Though they consist of Dr. Budwig's own scientific work, they are compilations translated from German and edited by other people. There are also terms and concepts in the books that are not so clearly explained. Many other authors also focus on just her main ingredient (flax oil and cottage cheese) and much of her extensive protocol is OFTEN LEFT OUT! Many people consider the Oil-Protein Diet (OPD) to be the entire protocol. However, in Dr. Budwig's own interviews, she explains that there are many other components to her protocol that are very important.

email us your review


Amazon.com Book Reviews

Submit your review on Amazon.com

life saving, December 19, 2013, By James Sikes (Gainesville, FL USA)

I've got advanced stage IV Melanoma cancer, and if Dr Budwig's Diet protocal had not stopped it's growth, I wouldn't be here writing this right now.

If you want to learn How to STOP Cancer, or better yet, PREVENT cancer, get and follow this book.


Budwig for Dummies, January 5, 2013, By Tim Shannon "Dr_Shannon" (Portland, OR)

I'm really impressed with this book. For the layman, it's laid out SO nicely. I've just begun to research this method for some of my cancer patients - so no experience with using it yet. But the lay out is wonderful, summaries great, and the overview of Otto Warburg's work in conjunction with Budwig's theories is compelling and nicely written.

Whether you like it or not, many people are going to try this protocol - in fact, many are and have. That will not stop. I hope that one day we get $ out of healthcare so that alt-med cancer treatments can get a REAL chance in research. That's the only way we'll ever know what REALLY works best with cancer.

But in the meantime, folks are mostly left to fend for themselves - if they have a type of cancer which modern medicine can't help (Which is most cancers, though not all).

If you are in that group, and are interested in Budwig, this is SO nicely done. Incredibly practical and just gets to the point. Highly recommended.


Not for the faint of heart, January 19, 2013, By Jo Ann Robbins "JoAnn" (Left Coast, USA)

If you are interested in this book, it means that in some capacity you're up close and personal with disease. This book is very thorough and infinitely useful, but it is not for anyone who is looking for an easy way to eat more healthily. It is most often used as part of a health-oriented protocol designed to fight chronic or serious disease. The information in it is extensive, and the people who wrote it are more knowledgeable than the linguistic style indicates. The contents are a bit hard to sift through, but if you're determined to do it, you can. The facts about oils' importance to human health is (for me) worth the price of the book.


Budwig Diet, December 29, 2012, By Tamra Becker (SAN JOSE, CA, US)

I got this for my boyfriend and he has found the information to be great and is using it to help himself get better. So far he feels great.


Well-researched Information, January 31, 2012, By naturalmedstudent

"A Day in the Budwig Diet" is ideal for anyone that wishes to implement the Budwig protocol for themselves, a family member, or a patient. Part I of the book breaks down the day-by-day rules of the protocol, so that it can be understood by those with a non-medical background, complete with diagrams and charts that can be pulled out of the book and used in the kitchen. Part II explains the research behind the protocol, which is important to understand, so that when using the diet one can have a solid, theoretical understanding of what their bodies are going through. While I am not currently implementing the diet for myself or someone else, and cannot testify as to the efficacy of the diet, I found the book to be very informative, well put together, and easy to understand. I would definitely pass it on to family/friends/patients in the future, and feel this information greatly expands my understanding of food therapy for cancer.


Excellent information!, February 21, 2012, By acumaster

This book is really a gem in the market! Historic and scientific information is presented in an easy to read and understand language, pages are full of everyday useful information and recipes complete with numerous pictures most of which are original artwork. You will not regret purchasing and reading this book which in its entirety hold a comprehensive and groundbreaking healthcare information!


Get the Book and the DVD, November 25, 2011, By healingnaturally (California, USA)

Learning the Budwig diet from Dr. Budwig's books can be a challenge, since her books (although recommended) are in most part transcripts of her lectures. So "A Day in the Budwig Diet: The Book", just like the DVD, will guide you through Dr. Budwig's complete healing protocol in an easy to understand manner. As you will see, it's not JUST the Budwig cottage-cheese muesli. There is a lot more!

Additionally, this book helps you understand the modern science behind the Budwig Diet and carefully describes important modifications as well, which are optional but encouraged. It is a great resource for anyone interested in Dr. Budwig's works.


Amazon.com DVD Reviews

Submit your review on Amazon.com

A WONDERFUL video, March 17, 2012, By Booklover

I was extremely impressed with this video. A few other reviews had made a point of saying it wasn't too high tech, but I'm not sure what they meant by that. I felt it was very professionally done, as well as being very thorough, organized, and easy to understand. The narrator's voice has a gentle accent... Britain? Australia? New Zealand?... and is lovely to listen to. Filming is beautifully done.

I do have one complaint, but will not hold it against my review. After playing the video the first time, I went back to review the Daily Protocol section, and after several tries, it kept cutting itself off after the 9 a.m. morning sunbath and taking itself to the Conclusion section, so that I could not see the remainder of the daily protocol. It looked on the bottom of the screen like it had come to the end of the protocol section, but it hadn't; as I said, on first viewing, it took me through the entire day. Will possibly need to exchange this particular DVD.


An amazing health protocol that has been hidden by the money making medical establishment for decades!, March 20, 2012
By Catherine

I have read several of the books written by Johanna Budwig and took great interest in her literature due to my family's extensive history of cancer. Not only has this simple protocol been proven effective at curing cancer, but it is effective towards attaining general well-being and helping with many other diseases as well. This DVD gives a simple video presentation of how to implement her plan. For a woman to have an over 90% success rate on curing cancer, even with patients so sick that the hospitals had given up on them and said there was nothing more that could be done with them, is absolutely incredible. I read one of her other books that contained testimonials from her patients who were cured from pancreatic cancer, melanoma, and a whole host of other "deadly" cancers - read [ASIN:B007EF7ENK Cancer: The Problem and the Solution]. The fact that the medical profession, the pharmaceutical industry, and the fast-food industry had so much money to lose if the public were to accept her protocols, that they kept taking her to court trying to sue her so that she would be taken away from her life's work of healing patients and spreading her philosophy. This is truly incredible information that needs to be shared with the public. People forget that the medical industry is also a business looking to make money and will do anything possible to stop the spread of information that will prevent it from doing so.


Life-saving diet with real science behind it, December 17, 2012
by Trueman D Briggs (EL DORADO, KS, US)

This DVD was much better produced and more thorough than I had anticipated it would be. It clearly showed the science of the diet that we believe will help save our son's life. Be prepared for the explicit drawings of how to do a coffee enema. But note, that needing to do this means that the diet is working. Dr. Budwig was an amazing scientist. Anyone can benefit from at lease some of what she recommends, such as the cottage cheese and flaxseed oil mixture. This is the cornerstone of the diet and reflects her research with omega-3 oils.


Well-presented Information, January 14, 2011, by James Callahan

This is an enjoyable DVD to watch, full of information, but not overwhelming or overly technical. I am a cancer patient and have incorporated parts of the Budwig diet into my routine via the Bill Henderson protocol. I was not aware of the full history, background and diversity of the diet. I will no doubt watch this a second time and take advantage of some of the resources and recipes it provides. Having an understanding of the concepts behind the development of the diet and their workability is key to making any dietary commitment.


Great DVD, December 22, 2010, by Handmaiden

If you are going to try the Budwig Protocol, this DVD, will help you to be able to implement it. Sometimes reading the book can be confusing as to how to mix the cottage cheese and flax. This DVD takes you through a whole day of the Protocol, showing you how to mix, what to eat, and at what times, along with tips and ways to vary the mix for taste and variety. It helped out tremendously, giving me the confidence I needed to feel like the protocol is both achievable and practical. If you have read her books, do yourself a favor and get this DVD, it is pleasant to watch and so informative.


Incredible Diet, September 26, 2010, by Sophie

I have read many medical diets over the years including Gerson, who was also a German medical doctor. I find it amazing that Budwig also espoused organic and fresh foods. It is no secret that processed foods are killing us. It's too bad that most of these books are written in German and only a very few have been translated into english. Dr. Budwig's diet in the DVD is very informative and it provides a detailed plan. However, it is recommended that it be strictly followed in order for it to work. She also gives a time frame for how long one needs to be on her diet. It is worth getting along with her other two books which are published in english in order to understand her theory completely.


Life Changing, September 13, 2010, by Jillymac

This video is very basic and simple. No high tech effects or graphics, but if you are looking to truly be healed from major illnesses this will do it. It does not happen overnight, but it is effective and does not have the side effects of the synthetic medicines the doctor is prescribing. Excellent to get the basic protocol down. Would highly recommend her book "Flax Oil as a True Aid Against Arthritis, Heart Infarction, Cancer and Other Diseases" it will give you the science behind Dr. Budwig's work.


Why You Should Buy This DVD..., July 20, 2010, by Peter

If you're interested in Dr. Budwig's books and her work at all for yourself and/or a loved one, this DVD will make the entire process of understanding and more importantly IMPLEMENTING the diet as painless and as easy as possible.

"A Day in the Budwig Diet" answered all of my questions about how to use the diet.

Dr. Budwig's books are an essential part of your library. But in my opinion, this video deserves to be right next to them to create a wonderful Trilogy.

The presentation in the video is interesting, informative and very clear.

You'll love "A Day in the Budwig Diet" and like me, you'll thank Ursula Escher for making it with such care and attention.

Buy the DVD.

You'll be so glad you did.


A Great Budwig Resource!, May 25, 2010, by "Budwig Fan"

I've been reading Dr. Budwig's book for a long time. This DVD is by far the clearest and easiest to follow explanation of her protocol. Her books have great info, but if you want to learn how to actually do her protocol - this DVD is it.

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Healing Testimonials from Dr. Budwig plus notes from BudwigDVDs.com

Thousands of people have healed from cancer and other degenerative diseases by following Dr. Budwig's Protocol. Here are a few testimonials below. [source: Cancer, the Problem and the Solution, book by Dr. Johanna Budwig and Lothar Hirneise]

Dear Dr. Budwig,

Recently you treated one of my patients, Ms Harriet. (...) With this patient there was a malignant melanoma on the left femur, which was surgically removed in May 1969 in Ohio. (...) After treatment with you all lymph node and skin metastasis have degenerated. Moreover all blood chemistry findings have normalized. I have never observed such a result in the case of metastatizing malignant melanomas. I would be extremely grateful if you would tell me which therapy you performed. (...)

Regards, Dr. W. Hellriegel, MD

Director's Note: You can learn Dr. Budwig's COMPLETE PROTOCOL on the DVD in a step-by-step easy to follow format.

Dear Dr. Budwig,

(...) His condition at this time was still poor (strong coughing, spitting blood, labored breathing). We started immediately with the oil-protein diet and external treatment with ELDI oils. He immediately stopped taking all medications that had been prescribed in the hospital (more than a dozen). My husband's condition improved noticiably immediately. The labored breathing that my husband suffered up to his last day in the hospital disappeared completely. In the 5 weeks of the oil-protein diet he has been getting stronger and stronger, the disease characteristics are giving way to a condition that is almost completely normal.

Best regard and with sincere thanks, Dorothea Skorupka

Director's Note: For the first time on DVD all 3 of Dr. Budwig s Eldi Oil home-therapies are explained and illustrated!

Dear Dr. Budwig,

(...) Due to a laryngeal carcinoma the entire larynx had been removed. In this operation metastases were detected in the lymph nodes and thyroid glad. What was particularly alarming was the degree to which the metastases had spread, which at the time had already infiltrated the surrounding soft tissue and were already necrotic.

(...) We decided for the bilogical therapy that you developed and did not pursue radiation treatment and stopped any further medical treatment. This decision saved my spouse finally from death that has appeared to be certain. We thank you for this. (...)

All the best, Yours, Klaus Hiller

Director's Note: Surgery can be helpful but it's NOT THE CURE. The problem must be addressed at its root. Dr. Budwig shows you how!
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