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And another option, especially if the patient is too weak to eat, is the oil enema. This way the oil can be absorbed through the large intestine into the liver. It’s beneficial to begin with a warm distilled water enema to cleanse the colon before starting.

Cleansing Water Enema:

1) Heat the water to approx 37 degrees Celsius. 2) Use 500 ml or more of distilled, filtered or mineral water.
3) Follow the same instructions as an Oil Enema, but there’s no need to hold the water. 4) Use the restroom until the water is released.

Oil Enema:

1) For the oil enema, heat approximately 250 ml of oil in a water-bath until it reaches body temperature 2) Fill an enema bucket with the warm oil.
3) And allow the oil to reach the end of the plastic tube, so all air is removed. Make sure the catheter is well lubricated. 4) If possible, have the patient lie on the right side with knees bent towards the stomach, and buttocks slightly raised on a cushion.
Insert the catheter very gently and carefully, and release the clip. Rest or hold the bucket only slightly above the patient, allowing the oil to fill slowly.
A plastic towel should be used to protect the patient’s bed. But setting up on a clean bathroom floor is the best option for easy clean-up if needed. Clip the tube back immediately any time there is the slightest amount of discomfort! Gently massage your lower abdomen.
After resting, continue if you are able. Having a small radio or a television can also help you relax during this therapy. 5) The patient should hold the oil for 10 to 15 minutes on the right side.
6) Then turn carefully to the left side, and hold for another 10 to 15 minutes. Holding for less time is ok if discomfort occurs. 7) Rest over a toilet for several minutes to release the oil, or use a bedpan if needed.
When the patient was unable to eat the oil-protein muesli, Dr. Budwig used oil retention enemas as a solution. She asked them to hold the oil for as long as possible and used up to 2 cups of oil, or 500ml. It’s best to start with less oil at first, 250ml, until the patient is comfortable holding the oil. She used straight flax oil for enemas up to the day she developed ELDI Oils in 1968.

In step 4, after releasing the clip, make sure to massage your lower abdomen in a counterclockwise direction to help the oil move throughout the colon.

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It’s ok to take an oil enema once a day for a few days in a row during a week, or every other day for a few days. Just be careful not to overdo it. Enemas are said to interfere with bowel movements and can remove good bacteria and electrolytes from your system. It’s a good solution for very ill patients. Yet patients should make sure to replenish with fresh green juices and probiotics.

“What this lady does with her ELDI Oils, none of us manages to do via pain killers.” reported the Pain Research Institute. In fact, the practical application of the oils, both on the inside, when eating oil and cottage cheese, as well as on the outside, when using ELDI Oils, allows the body to largely eliminate all narcotic substances.



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